Peter van der Werf

Engagement Specialist
"We add value to our investment portfolios by assessing how companies deal with ESG risks and create more awareness at the companies of the materiality of these risks. Social issues are challenging to assess but have the ability to significantly hurt a company’s license to operate, reputation and brand value."

Peter van der Werf is engagement specialist at RobecoSAM’s Governance and Active Ownership department and engages with companies to address social issues. This dialogue aims to encourage companies to improve on the most material sustainability issues to enhance their competitiveness and profitability, as well as generating clear benefits for investors, companies and society.

Mr. van der Werf covers the consumer staples, consumer discretionary and healthcare sector. Specific areas of expertise are labour rights, supply chain management, nutrition management and social issues in the Food & Agri sector. He is member of the steering comite of the Principles for Responsible Investing working group on Labour Standards in the agricultural supply chain. Building on his previous experience in the Food & Agri sector he is involved in impact investing research efforts within the Robeco group. Mr. van der Werf gained over four years of professional experience in business development in frontier markets before joining RobecoSAM in 2011. Mr. van der Werf holds a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University with a minor in Entrepreneurship.