Masja Zandbergen - Albers

Head of sustainability integration
As intangibles make up over 80% of company’s market cap it is logical to include “traditional” ESG factors, like human capital and supply chain management in the analysis of companies

Masja Zandbergen is head of sustainability integration at Robeco. She holds a Master’s in Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam and is a CEFA charterholder. Her background is in equity portfolio management, in which capacity she has been responsible for a global financials fund and European portfolios. Masja started her career at Robeco in 1997, where in 2003 she joined the Sustainable Investing team and helped set up the Active Ownership (voting and engagement) approach, with specific responsibility for social issues. She then moved on to start her own company, focusing on advertising sustainable investment products, and later became head of equity at Syntrus Achmea. Masja rejoined Robeco in 2015 and in her current role as head of sustainability integration, she is responsible for coordinating ESG integration across asset classes. Masja is the company’s spokesperson on the topic of sustainability and works with clients to share knowledge and expertise on this field.