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Robeco Sustainable Index Solutions

  • Access to Robeco’s unique Sustainability and Factor expertise

  • Transparency to our clients, but no public transparency, which avoids overcrowding risk

  • Efficient index construction: low turnover, liquidity and transactions cost taken into account and high capacity which is managed and monitored



Robeco Indices has been developing state-of-the-art index solutions for large global asset owners since 2015. In addition, Robeco Indices offers a range of Sustainable Equities and Sustainable Multi-Factor Equities index families, leveraging unique Robeco intellectual property (IP).

Robeco’s Sustainability IP comprises amongst others:

  • Robeco’s time-tested proprietary SDG Framework

  • Forward-looking fundamental view of Robeco Climate Strategy team to obtain a significant carbon footprint reduction

  • Robeco’s proprietary Climate Risk Indicator, referred to as Carbon Beta in our academic research paper

Robeco’s Factor IP comprises amongst others:

  • Enhanced factor definitions based on award-winning academic papers

  • High, balanced multi-factor exposure based on sophisticated risk modeling

  • Low turnover based on proprietary index construction algorithm


Robeco SDG Low Carbon Equities Indices

Robeco SDG Low Carbon Multi-Factor Equities Indices

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Our Sustainable Index Solutions team comprises passionate, independent thinkers who are challenging the status quo. We have incorporated their innovative, award-winning research into our investment process. Our senior members have worked together for more than ten years, during which they’ve developed and scaled up multiple investment capabilities at Robeco.

Our team is diverse in terms of backgrounds and global experience, and have complementary skillsets with their academic specializations in climate finance, computer science, econometrics and financial economics. Moreover, we are able to recruit some of the best talent in the fields of climate finance and econometrics thanks to our PhD program led by Joop Huij.