21-05-2024 · Insight

Global Climate Investing Survey 2024: Realism on the transition journey

Investors are now becoming more knowledgeable, cautious and less naive in their approach to tackling climate change. That’s the main message from the Robeco Global Climate Investing Survey 2024, which shows greater realism on the long road to a low-carbon world.

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  • Lucian Peppelenbos - Climate & Biodiversity Strategist

    Lucian Peppelenbos

    Climate & Biodiversity Strategist

The fourth annual survey of 300 investors shows wide regional differences in attitudes to climate investing, as Asia-Pacific (APAC) powers ahead while interest in North America lags behind. The number of APAC investors for whom climate change is central to, or a significant part of, their investment policy was 79%, rising above Europe (76%) for the first time.

“Now the real work begins!” says Lucian Peppelenbos, Climate and Biodiversity Strategist at Robeco. “One of the key themes this year is the strong progress by investors in the APAC region on climate investing,” Peppelenbos says. “Investors in this region are now the leaders in making climate change a significant or central factor in their investment policies.”


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