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It is only by truly understanding sustainability that we can create real-world impact

Diving deep below the surface to understand the workings of all aspects of SI is something we’ve done since starting to explore SI almost three decades ago. We are now actively sharing the insights we gained by ourselves and in collaboration with industry bodies and universities, so that we can all continue this learning process.

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Our wealth of knowledge and research is spread across a wide range of insights, papers and other materials on the workings of SI. What all these publications have in common is our attempt to ensure the best possible understanding of the subject.

How do companies and countries score on sustainability?

Explore the contributions companies make to the Sustainable Development Goals and how countries rank on ESG criteria.

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Expertise spanning three decades

Our sustainable investing (SI) journey began in 1994, when Robeco became the first European asset manager to launch a sustainable product. In 2005, we were ahead of the curve with our Active Ownership team, focusing on strategic voting and engagement. The acquisition of Zurich-based Sustainable Asset Management in 2006 allowed us to enhance our impact investing and research capabilities. And by 2010, we were integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across all asset classes.

Our SI leadership extends beyond past achievements: we continuously innovate in this ever-changing environment. This includes our proprietary SDG framework measuring companies’ impacts on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, shared in an open-source manner with peers, academics and clients. But our commitment to SI doesn’t stop at offering accessible tools; we also do the intricate work necessary to develop a broad range of customized solutions to suit each combination of financial and sustainable goal.

Impact is never created in silos

Investing in areas such as climate change solutions can play a major role in directing the world onto a more sustainable path. This requires rigorous research, the creation of compelling impact-aligned solutions, and continuous innovation. We are truly convinced that no investor can solve these challenges on their own, and are proud to collaborate with many leading institutes and other investors on sustainable solutions around the globe.

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Driving SI education

Continuous learning is an important part of any professional investor’s career, particularly as times change so rapidly. Our convenient ‘Essentials’ online study courses give you instant access to some of the best brains in SI while achieving CPD hours.

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Driving SI education