Enhanced indexing

Proven alternative to passive investing

Despite its popularity, passive investing isn’t offering investors the best available exposure to the equity markets. We argue that enhanced indexing may be an even better alternative. It is supported by theory and evidence, allows for better ESG integration, and contributes to a liquid and efficient market.

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Advantages of enhanced indexing

Passive investing has several advantages, such as exposure to the market premium, predictable risk-return characteristics and low fees. Since 2004 our enhanced indexing strategies offer all the advantages of traditional passive investing, but strive to generate better returns than passive vehicles after costs, and integrate sustainability criteria as well as the latest academic research.


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Enhanced Indexing

An alternative to passive investing in equity markets

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Sustainable enhanced indexing

  • ESG integrated in stock selection

  • Aims to achieve 10% lower ESG Risk rating relative to the benchmark

  • Integrates impact investing by reducing the portfolio footprint by 20% in four areas by reducing the portfolio footprint of greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and waste generation by 30%, 20%, and 20% respectively

  • Extensive exclusion lists

Tailor-made solutions for client demands

  • Core quant solutions: bespoke county, sector or relative risk levels

  • Possibility to integrate bespoke sustainability criteria

  • Investment universe defined by client

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Wilma de Groot - コア・クオンツ株式運用責任者 兼 クオンツ株式ポートフォリオ・マネジメント・チーム責任者

Wilma de Groot
コア・クオンツ株式運用責任者 兼 クオンツ株式ポートフォリオ・マネジメント・チーム責任者

Enhanced Indexing is a proven alternative to passive investing as it offers all the benefits of this popular investment style while compensating for its many disadvantages