13-09-2022 · Webinar

Invest in the climate transition to net zero

The world must transition to net zero carbon by 2050 if we are to meet the Paris Agreement and limit global warming to 2C. This means a massive decarbonization effort in which all sectors have to play their part – with no exceptions. Such a vast and unprecedented transition requires innovation and commitment from everyone, and investors have a key role to play in achieving it.

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  • Chris Berkouwer

    Lead Portfolio Manager

  • Hauke Ris

    Co-Head of Robeco’s Sustainable Global Equity team and head of the Fundamental Equity CPM team

Robeco launched a high-conviction strategy that targets the very companies that can bring this low-carbon transition. In this webinar, Chris Berkouwer, Portfolio Manager for RobecoSAM Net Zero 2050 Climate Equities, and Hauke Ris, Co-Head Global Sustainable Equities, outline how this fund selects the leaders in decarbonization and how it fits in investors’ portfolios.

During the webinar they have covered:

  • The urgency around emission reductions and the transition pathway for investors

  • How the portfolio looks for facilitators such as equipment suppliers or natural assets

  • Decarbonization pathways and a bespoke benchmark

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