02-09-2021 · Product webinar

The sustained case for Value Equities

Value stocks have outperformed their growth counterparts since the announcement of a Covid-19 vaccine last November. Investors have stopped chasing growth at any price and have gone back to looking for value in stock markets crowded with tech titans and expensive defensives. But can this value rally last, or will another Covid variant turn it on its head?


  • Joshua Jones - Portfolio Manager Boston Partners

    Joshua Jones

    Portfolio Manager Boston Partners

In this webinar, Josh Jones, Portfolio Manager of BP Global Premium Equities, will discuss the case for sustained value outperformance, plus the risk of growth reasserting itself. He will outline how the premium paid for growth stocks became so large, how reliant these styles are on the inflation and interest rate outlook, and how ESG impacts prospective returns to value in areas such as Energy and Materials.

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