23-02-2023 · Webinar

Thematic strategies investing in the sustainable world of the future

Much progress is being made in the move to net zero and a more sustainable world. The energy transition is being propelled by high prices and supply security concerns. Huge investments such as the RePowerEU Plan in Europe and the Inflation Reduction Act in the US are gamechangers for spurring growth. What many people don’t know, though, is that a quarter of global emission reductions is expected to come from the transition to a circular economy. This is a ‘must have’ to allow sustainable growth and consumption while also reducing waste and pollution.



  • Natalie Falkman

    Portfolio Manager

  • Roman Boner

    Sr. Portfolio Manager

In this webinar, the portfolio managers of two sustainable thematic funds, Smart Energy and Circular Economy, share their views on how the transition offers immense investment opportunities. They explain how their themes are developing, where they are finding the most attractive opportunities, and how the companies in which they invest are helping to shape the world for a more sustainable future.

During this webinar they covered:

  • How the energy crisis has influenced Smart Energy and what we expect for 2023

  • What a circular economy actually means and why the transition is gathering pace

  • The innovative technologies, materials and business models being used for change


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