Value vs. growth in trends – watch the debate

Value vs. growth in trends – watch the debate

30-04-2021 | Video
Trends investing is often characterized by a growth approach. Can value investors be trendy, too?
  • Arnout  van Rijn
    van Rijn
    CIO Asia Pacific
  • Jack  Neele
    Portfolio Manager

Speed read:

  • Growth investors have built-in disciplines to ensure they don’t overpay for their convictions
  • Growth and value investors experienced the 2020 market swings quite differently
  • Value companies may not grow as fast, but they certainly have a future, says Van Rijn
Trends investor Jack Neele and value investor Arnout van Rijn debate the merits of a growth approach to building an equity portfolio. The discussion forms part of our latest trends event, ‘ Here today, here tomorrow’.
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Watch the debate