2020 Super Quants

Randy Steenbergen

randy-steenbergen.jpg By achieving a 8.0 for his thesis, Randy Steenbergen (The Netherlands) successfully finished his MSc studies in Applied Mathematics with specialization in Financial Engineering at the TU Delft. In his thesis, Randy studied the impact of M&A activity on factor investing strategies. The thesis was supervised by Sebastian Schneider and Matthias Hanauer. Randy will continue his career as Quant Researcher at Van Lanschot Kempen.

Maksim Anisimov

maksim-anisimov.jpgMaksim Anisimov (Russia) graduated cum laude from Quantitative Finance program at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He obtained an 8.8 for his master thesis on corporate bond clustering techniques. After his graduation, Maksim joined causaLens in London as a data scientist. We wish Maksim all the best in his future career!

Fabio Martinetti

fabio-martinetti.jpgFabio Martinetti (Italy) obtained the maximum grade of 10 for his thesis on signal processing in a market timing context, supervised by Winfried Hallerbach and Thibault Lair. After graduating cum laude from the Quantitative Finance and Insurance program of the University of Turin (Italy), Fabio joined our Quantitative Research department. We wish Fabio all the best in his future career at Robeco!

Maarten Jansen

maarten-jansen.jpgMaarten Jansen (Singapore, The Netherlands) graduated cum laude from the Quantitative Finance program at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Maarten obtained a 9.5 for his thesis on anomalies in the Chinese stock market. His internship supervisors were Weili Zhou and Laurens Swinkels. After his internship, Maarten joined the Quantitative Research department at Robeco.

Guillaume Alfredo

guillaume-alfredo.jpgAfter a successful internship at Robeco, Guillaume Alfredo (France) finished his MSc studies in Data Science at ENSAE ParisTech. He received a solid 8 for his insightful work on risk reduction using unsupervised statistical clustering techniques. This internship was co-supervised by Krishna Vyas and Iman Honarvar from the Quantitative Research department. Guillaume continued his career as data science consultant at Sia Partners. We wish Guillaume all the best in his future career!

Rogier Hoogeveen

rogier-hoogeveen.jpgRogier Hoogeveen (The Netherlands) achieved a 8.3 for his master thesis on government bond momentum spill over, which was jointly supervised by Johan Duyvesteyn, Alexander de Roode and Thijs Markwat. We are very happy and excited that right after his thesis, Rogier joined Robeco at the Fixed Income - Global Macro department. We wish Rogier all the best in his future career at Robeco!

Tobias Hoogteijling

tobias-hoogteijling.jpgAfter achieving a 9.5 for this master thesis Tobias Hoogteijling (The Netherlands) graduated cum laude as Master of Quantitative Finance from Erasmus University. Tobias’ thesis which was in Forecasting Bond Premia with Machine Learning was supervised by Casper Zomerdijk and Martin Martens from Robeco. We are very happy and excited that right after his thesis, Tobias joined the Quantitative Equity Research department of Robeco. We wish Tobias all the best in his future career at Robeco!

Fanny Cartellier

fanny-cartellier.jpgFanny Cartellier (France) finished her master’s studies in Statistics and Finance at Ensae ParisTech after achieving an 8.0 for her thesis. After finishing her thesis at Robeco, she started her PhD studies in Applied Mathematics at CREST (Center for research in economics and statistics). We wish Fanny all the best in her future career!

Jens Bloem

jens-bloem.jpgJens Bloem from the Finance and Technology program of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam obtained a 8.5 for his thesis on analyzing earnings call transcripts using natural language processing. Jens was able to perform high quality research from home during the COVID pandemic. His supervisors Robbert-Jan 't Hoen and Thom Marchesini handed him the well-deserved Super Quant bonus. Jens continued his development by pursuing a second master's degree in Financial Econometrics.

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