Picking structural winners in a changing world

Picking structural winners in a changing world

15-10-2020 | Webinar de producto
Trends like digitalization are accelerating tremendously during this pandemic. But, which companies are the structural winners in a changing market? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that tech companies – the key enablers of digitalization – are dominating the stock market. This proves, once again, that stock returns are highly skewed: winners are rare, and losers are common.
  • Steef  Bergakker
    Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Sam Brasser

Picking winners and avoiding losers

In an ever-changing world, trends and themes can be instrumental in picking winners and avoiding losers. But true trends and themes are more than storytelling and the next hot thing – they must be investible over the long term, and stock selection requires a different approach. In this webinar seasoned trends investors Steef Bergakker and Sam Brasser outline how to identify an investible trend and their approach to stock selection. They discuss the main long-term opportunities in the market today, while also touching upon the themes covered in Robeco’s latest guide, the Big Book of Trends and Thematic Investing.
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