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Solutions for insurers

For insurers to optimize their portfolios, it is no longer enough to just look at regulatory and investment objectives. Today’s key requirements are climate and sustainability. Our solutions are designed to help invest sustainably while keeping an optimal risk/return profile. One size fits all? Not at all. We create innovative solutions to meet insurers’ distinct challenges.

Sustainable leader

  • Deep sustainable knowledge

  • Innovating sustainable investing

  • Every strategy backed by ESG

A pioneer in sustainable investing and ESG integration since the 1990s.

Client-driven partner

  • Providing investment strategy consulting

  • Unrivaled access to internal experts and IP

  • Deep knowledge of regulatory requirements

Our SI Center of Expertise combines investment, regulatory and research teams.

Advanced insurance solutions

  • Extensive credit experience

  • Customized solutions

  • Pioneer in quant

Customized solutions based on our extensive expertise.

Resultados óptimos mediante la personalización cliente a cliente

Robeco ofrece a aseguradoras y fondos de pensiones soluciones altamente personalizadas y específicas para cada cliente. Se trata de carteras optimizadas conforme a los objetivos específicos del cliente, conforme a tres consideraciones principales:

Unit-linked strategies

Robeco’s building blocks are also very suitable for unit-linked portfolios. Virtually all Robeco strategies can be classified as sustainable under Article 8 and 9 of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). These can be used to create sustainable multi-theme or multi-asset portfolios.

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Meet our experts

Robeco’s insurance team has a range of disciplines, including actuarial, insurance and investment skills, along with expert market knowledge. The team is supported by a strong group that is part of our Sustainable Investing Center of Expertise, with more than 50 professionals. They include climate specialists, SI researchers, active ownership specialists, and data scientists.

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