17-04-2024 · Insight

Unraveling 9 key questions about credits

To uncover opportunities in the credit market, we asked clients to pinpoint the questions they needed addressed. We then sought expertise from within Robeco to provide the solutions.

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  • Erik Keller - Client Portfolio Manager Global Credits & Sustainability

    Erik Keller

    Client Portfolio Manager Global Credits & Sustainability

  • Joop Kohler - Head of Credit team

    Joop Kohler

    Head of Credit team

Following the fiercest hiking cycle by central banks in the past 40 years, the past year has understandably been dominated by rate rhetoric. Historically, investors have allocated funds to bonds during such periods, seeking not only diversification benefits but also the reliability and steady income that bonds are known to provide. With yields still high, the time to lock in attractive credit returns is now.

This question-and-answer series, ‘Unraveling 9 key questions about credits’, draws from all corners of credit investing to offer accessible and insightful guidance on identifying value in credit markets. It also outlines the processes and analysis used to identify potential and manage risk, as well as guidance on ESG investing and building a multi-asset portfolio. We hope this series provides knowledge and inspiration for seizing the moment in credit markets.

Overview Unraveling 9 key credit questions


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