19-01-2023 · Webinar

SI Outlook & Engagement Themes for 2023

The focus on sustainable investment has never been greater as we look for solutions to the challenges facing humanity. With climate change impacts becoming more visceral and material, 2023 will be a pivotal year.

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  • Peter van der Werf

    Head of Engagement

  • Rachel Whittaker

    Head of SI Research, Executive Committee

In this webinar, Rachel Whittaker, Head of SI Research, discussed the outlook for 2023 as clients increasingly look for sustainable and thematic funds, along with impact investing strategies. Peter van der Werf, Senior Manager Engagement, shared the Active Ownership team’s three new engagement themes for 2023.

During this webinar they have covered:

  • Why sustainable investing strategies continue to gain ground

  • Why we need to tackle broader issues relating to nature, and not only climate

  • Why forced labor, a just transition and tax transparency are new themes for 2023

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