01-02-2022 · Product webinar

Tackling climate change and green financing within global fixed income markets

The drive for net zero emissions continue to be a huge focus for investors. Many funds have now emerged that align their credit investments with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 20°C. In addition, green bond strategies target the issuers of securities dedicated to funding environmental projects that can tackle global warming.

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  • Michiel de Bruin

    Head of Euro Sovereigns and Portfolio Manager

In this webinar, Regina Borromeo and Michiel de Bruin, Portfolio Managers in the Global Macro team, explain the thinking behind two distinct Robeco strategies. The Climate Fixed Income and Green Bonds strategies have celebrated their first anniversaries, with impressive results. Both are helping to fund the climate finance gap while also offering attractive returns.

During the session they covered:

  • How the strategies have fared in their first year focusing on climate goals

  • Why Paris-aligned investments are a popular of reducing carbon footprints

  • How the growing market for green bonds is creating an asset class of its own

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