27-05-2021 · Product webinar

Is Conservative Equities staging a comeback? Our perspectives on low vol stocks

2020 was a tough year for low-volatility investors, as the rallies in tech and then cyclical value stocks caused defensive equities to lag the market by a wide margin. 2021 looks very different, as the global economy starts to reopen. The Conservative Equities funds are now trading at the largest valuation gap versus the index since their inception in 2006. The strategy’s solid Q1 results suggest that this gap will offer investors a margin of safety for the years to come.

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  • Jan Sytze Mosselaar

    Portfolio Manager

  • Pim van Vliet

    Head of Conservative Equities and Chief Quant Strategist

In our latest webinar, portfolio managers Pim van Vliet and Jan Sytze Mosselaar provide the outlook for the Conservative Equities strategies in 2021 and beyond. They explain the model and investment philosophy, discuss the differences between cyclical and defensive value stocks, and outline why the prospects for the funds are looking their best since their inception 15 years ago.

During the session, we covered:

  • How conservative stocks are well-positioned for the next market rotation

  • The difference between defensive and cyclical value stocks

  • Why the underlying thesis behind the low vol style still holds

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