Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Leveraging on education and learning

We believe that educating our employees is key to accelerating growth and achieving our DE&I goals. Learning is more than simply attending a course: it is an on-the-job process that takes place in conjunction with colleagues, managers, coaches or mentors, across all our offices. We believe that everyone has their own unique learning style.

Self Learning

We offer an online educational platform via LinkedIn Learning that helps employees worldwide discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills. There are over 11,000 expert-taught courses available in English on the platform, as well as in other languages such as Spanish, German, French and Japanese.

With Coursera, employees get access to an online learning platform with thousands of courses from more than 200 leading universities (such as Stanford) and companies (such as Google), including professional certificate programs and bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Young Professional Journey

Robeco’s Young Professional Journey offers young colleagues an inspiring journey within the company and enables them to share their ideas. Diversity of insights enables the organization to grow and discover new opportunities. Besides that, participants spend a lot of time together, so the journey connects colleagues and promotes cross-departmental and cross-country cooperation.

Robeco Mentor Program

Everyone can learn from everyone. Mentoring is all about sharing knowledge, skills and life experiences to guide someone toward reaching their full potential. It’s a journey of shared discovery.

At Robeco, mentors are professionals who have the skills and the motivation to guide their colleagues with their professional development. They share their views and experience, and support and encourage the person in becoming more aware of professional development, career opportunities, increasing their network and profile, and other topics which could help them optimize the way they work. Mentors are located in all Robeco offices and it’s possible to be matched with one from another country.

Peer mentoring pairs colleagues at the same stage of their career, but from different teams or domains. The aim here is to enhance supportive relationships between two people, who can share experiences and skills to help each other deal with particular situations.

Reverse mentoring flips the traditional mentoring model around, with the mentor being less senior or less experienced than the other person. The aim is to help more experienced colleagues gain insight into the drivers and motivation of our younger workforce.

These formats can also be used to gain insight into and understanding from someone of a different gender or cultural background, to support Robeco’s aim to create a work environment in which everyone can be their best.

Sustainable Investing Academy

Given Robeco’s leadership in SI, we need to raise the level of sustainability awareness across our entire company. The aim of the SI Academy is to help everyone increase their knowledge on SI. Everybody across all countries has access to the Academy, an e-learning platform that teaches Robeco’s core values.


In its long history, Robeco has maintained close relations with universities in a number of countries. In many cases, this has enabled our company to hire more professionals under 30 by attracting students worldwide to become investment professionals, particularly in quant. We also continue to support employees who choose to follow a PhD program.