25-03-2022 · Webinar

Credit Outlook Q2: A challenging economic trajectory ahead

We've seen a turbulent start to 2022, with critical risks continuing to loom on the horizon. Potential interest rate hikes, rising inflation, withdrawal of government stimulus, geopolitical tensions between China and Taiwan, as well as Russia and Ukraine now spilling over into war, are dominating market movements. Climate change and ESG-related risks are also front-of-mind for many investors. To what extent have credit markets priced in these conditions? What returns can investors expect?


  • Erik Keller - Client Portfolio Manager Global Credits & Sustainability

    Erik Keller

    Client Portfolio Manager Global Credits & Sustainability

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During this webinar, Erik Keller, Client Portfolio Manager for Global Credit strategies, answered these questions. He shared insights from our Q2 Credit Quarterly Outlook report and explained how investors can position credit portfolios given the current market environment. He also explained how aligning a credit portfolio with the 169 targets of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals can offer attractive financial returns.

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