28-04-2022 · Einblick

Sustainability Report 2021: Integrating sustainability into our investments and operations

Robeco’s newly published Sustainability Report details our approach to integrating sustainability in our investments and operations.


  • Karin van Baardwijk - Chief Executive Officer

    Karin van Baardwijk

    Chief Executive Officer

Robeco has just published its Sustainability Report 2021, outlining how we integrate sustainability into our investments and our operations, how we serve clients with sustainable investment solutions and the way in which Robeco fulfills its active ownership activities.

It’s in volatile times like these that active managers can add value for clients. Investors have an opportunity but also a responsibility to drive innovation and be a catalyst for change.

Our vision at Robeco is to create wealth and well-being. That is why our sustainable investing strategy is a key building block of our 2021-2025 strategy. Our priorities as a sustainable investor are climate change, biodiversity and human rights.

Climate change continues to be an enormous challenge for the world. There is much to be done by countries, companies and investors to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. In our 2050 net-zero roadmap we set out how we plan to reduce the carbon footprint of our investments as well as our own operations.

As was the case last year, we asked audit firm KPMG to provide limited assurance on this report.