Robeco QI Multi Factor Absolute Return I EUR

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ISIN: LU1840771593
  • Absolute return strategy with low correlational to traditional asset classes
  • Efficiently harvesting six factor premiums: value, momentum, low risk, quality, carry and flow
  • Transparent, proven investment process
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About this fund

Robeco QI Multi Factor Absolute Return is an actively managed fund with a systematic absolute return strategy. The fund harvests a highly diversifying set of factor premiums across a wide set of asset classes, aiming for attractive returns across market scenario’s and low long-run correlation to the traditional asset classes.

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Robeco QI Multi Factor Absolute Return I EUR


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Fund Reference index
The value of the investments may fluctuate. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
Annualized (for periods longer than one year).
Cumulized (total amount of return).
Performances are gross of fees and based on closing values. In reality, costs (such as management fees and other costs) are charged. These have a negative effect on the returns shown.

Performances are net of fees and based on transaction prices.


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Fund Classification

ESG integration
Sustainability Themed Fund

Currency policy

Except for the active currency positions, currency risks are hedged to the base currency of the fund (EUR).

Dividend policy

All income earned will be accumulated and not be distributed as dividend. Therefore the entire return is reflected in the share price development.

ESG Integration policy

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects are systematically integrated in our highly disciplined investment process in several ways. Firstly, the portfolio’s ESG score is substantially better than the market. This score is developed by sustainability expert RobecoSAM. Also, the environmental footprint on greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, water use and waste generation is expected to be substantially lower than the market. Furthermore, we apply an extensive exclusion list covering various controversial sectors or business practices and we continuously monitor our universe for companies with corporate governance issues, major litigations or regulatory risk. Finally, we conduct proxy voting and engagement activities to improve companies’ behavior on ESG themes. Our enhanced form of ESG integration ensures we avoid the risk of being overexposed to less sustainable companies and captures financially material mid- to long term risks and opportunities like corporate governance and climate change.

Investment policy

Robeco QI Multi Factor Absolute Return leverages on the expertise of Robeco in exploiting market anomalies in all asset classes by investing in factors such as value, momentum, low risk, quality, carry and flow. The fund mainly invests in individual equities, bonds, currencies and derivatives. The fund is managed by an experienced team of quantitative investment specialists in multi asset and factor investing at Robeco. It relies on Robeco’s proven quantitative strategies for factor investing within and across various asset classes.

Risk policy

Risk management is fully embedded in the investment process to ensure that the fund's positions remain within set limits at all times.

Guido Baltussen, Pim van Vliet, Thibault Lair, Lodewijk van der Linden
Guido Baltussen, Pim van Vliet, Thibault Lair, Lodewijk van der Linden

Guido Baltussen, Pim van Vliet, Thibault Lair, Lodewijk van der Linden

Guido Baltussen is Executive Director en verantwoordelijk voor de factorstrategieën en kwantitatieve Liquid Alternatives- en Multi Asset-strategieën van Robeco. Hij is tevens professor Behavioral Finance en Financial Markets aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Voordat hij in 2017 in dienst trad bij Robeco, was Guido hoofd Quantitative Research Fixed Income en Multi Asset Research bij NN Investment Partners. Hij begon zijn carrière in de beleggingssector in 2004. Guido heeft publicaties op zijn naam staan in hoog aangeschreven wetenschappelijke tijdschriften als het Journal of Financial Economics, de American Economic Review, Management Science en het Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analyses. Hij heeft in onderzoeksprojecten samengewerkt met Nobelprijswinnaar Richard Thaler (2017). Guido is gepromoveerd en afgestudeerd (cum laude) in financiële economie en bedrijfseconomie aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Mr. Pim is a Senior Portfolio Manager within the Quantitative Equities team of Robeco. His primary focus is Robeco's Low-volatility capabilities, including Conservative Equities. Pim joined Robeco in 2005 as a Senior Quantitative Researcher at the Quantitative Strategies department with responsibility for the allocation research. He has published among others in the Journal of Banking and Finance, Management Science and the Journal of Portfolio Management. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and is guest lecturer at several universities. Pim holds a PhD and MSc (cum laude) in Financial and Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Pim van Vliet is registered with the Dutch Securities Institute. Thibault Lair is Portfolio Manager Quant Multi Asset products in the Quant Allocation team. His areas of expertise include the development and review of directional and relative value systematic strategies across asset classes. Prior to joining Robeco in 2018, Thibault was a Quantitative Stategist at NN Investment Partners in the period 2008-2018. He started his career in the investment industry in 2007 at RBC Dexia. Thibault is a PhD candidate and holds a Master's in Finance from the Université du Québec à Montréal. He also is a CFA® charterholder and Certified FRM. Lodewijk van der Linden is Portfolio Manager within the Quant Allocation team. His area of expertise is multi-asset factor investing. Prior to joining Robeco in August 2018, Lodewijk held several positions at Aegon, most recently as Team Manager of Client Reporting at Aegon Asset Management. He started his career as an actuarial consultant at PwC. He holds a Master's degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Amsterdam and a Master's degree in Econometrics and Management Science from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.


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Fiscal product treatment

The fund is established in Luxembourg and is subject to the Luxembourg tax laws and regulations. The fund is not liable to pay any corporation, income, dividend or capital gains tax in Luxembourg. The fund is subject to an annual subscription tax ('tax d'abonnement') in Luxembourg, which amounts to 0.01% of the net asset value of the fund. This tax is included in the net asset value of the fund. The fund can in principle use the Luxembourg treaty network to partially recover any withholding tax on its income.

Fiscal treatment of investor

Investors who are not subject to (exempt from) Dutch corporate-income tax (e.g. pension funds) are not taxed on the achieved result. Investors who are subject to Dutch corporate-income tax can be taxed for the result achieved on their investment in the fund. Dutch bodies that are subject to corporate-income tax are obligated to declare interest and dividend income, as well as capital gains in their tax return. Investors residing outside the Netherlands are subject to their respective national tax regime applying to foreign investment funds. We advise individual investors to consult their financial or tax adviser about the tax consequences of an investment in this fund in their specific circumstances before deciding to invest in the fund.


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