Application criteria
Robeco Foundation

Application criteria

Primary and secondary schools that are located in Rotterdam can request a donation for activities.


  • The project or activity must invest in the digital skills of financially disadvantaged kids.
  • The maximum donation per school is EUR 50.000. This will enable us to create impact, but at the same time support six or more schools each year. 
  • Schools can only apply for a donation once a year. 
  • The donation will need to directly benefit the students, and cannot be used for staff, FTE’s or infrastructure.

An application for a donation should specify:

  • The governance of the school; who are the board members, who is the principle, are they part of a larger school community.
  • The proposed project in detail; this includes an implementation plan that specifies which external organizations are involved, suppliers that will be used, insurance in case of hardware, the role of teachers in the implementation, how does this fit into their curriculum etc. 
  • The impact the donation is expected to have; how does the project contribute to equal opportunities for kids? 
  • Why a donation from Robeco is needed; elaborate on population of students, subsidies or other funding available. 
  • The project budget, including an overview of the contributions that will be made by the school itself and/or external funding.
Schools that receive a donation will need to provide us with a report (four eyes principle) that specifies the results of the project (within 6 months of payment and after one year (if applicable)). The delivery of project reporting will be monitored and the content of the project reports will be reviewed by Robeco. Clawback can be used as a measure of last resort, if a school does not comply with the criteria.


Before approval of a proposal Compliance will do a background check on the school and the members of its board.

Robeco Foundation
Robeco Foundation
Investing in skills development for children through education
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