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Custom Sustainable Indices

Our expertise in sustainable and factor investing empowers us to deliver custom sustainable index solutions that meet your financial objectives. For example, our SDG Low-Carbon indices serve as a sustainable alternative to passive investing, while our multi-factor indices strive to outperform the market in a sustainable way. Our offerings enable our clients to align with positive impact, lower carbon footprints and mitigate climate transition risk.

Key benefits

Robeco Indices stands out as a sustainable investment solutions provider, using indices to offer transparent, low-cost access to sustainability, factor, and thematic IP. With a decade of experience managing multi-billion dollar funds, we consider liquidity, transaction costs, and turnover when designing easy-to-implement indices, distinguishing us from typical index providers.

Pioneer in Sustainability
number 1

Pioneer in Sustainability

Leader in Factor Investing
number 2

Leader in Factor Investing

Efficient index construction and client-centric approach
number 3

Efficient index construction and client-centric approach

Fully customizable index design
number 4

Fully customizable index design

Flexible implementation
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Flexible implementation

Building blocks

Clients can select any or all building blocks to custom-build an index tailored to their specific financial and sustainability objectives.

Customizing and using Robeco Indices

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Meet the team

Our Sustainable Index Solutions team comprises passionate, independent thinkers who are challenging the status quo. We have incorporated their innovative, award-winning research into our investment process. Our senior members have worked together for more than 10 years, during which they’ve developed and scaled up multiple investment capabilities at Robeco.

Our team is diverse in terms of backgrounds and global experience, and have complementary skillsets with their academic specializations in climate finance, computer science, econometrics and financial economics. Moreover, we are able to recruit some of the best talent in the fields of climate finance and econometrics thanks to our PhD program led by Joop Huij.

Do you want to learn more from our experts?

We believe in sharing knowledge and being transparent with our clients. We typically take the opportunity to do this through our published academic papers, client articles, insight pieces, online learning modules, podcasts and webinars.

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