09-09-2021 · Webinar sul prodotto

Learnings from three years of SDG credits investing

The Sustainable Development Goals have made it possible to earn financial returns while also making a real difference to people’s lives. Robeco was one of the first asset managers to launch a credits strategy targeting this arena in May 2018. Now that it has a three-year track record showing consistent outperformance, we can prove that it’s possible to pursue both wealth and well-being


  • Jan Anton van Zanten

    SDG Strategist

  • Reinout Schapers

    Co-Head Investment Grade

Robeco SDG Credit strategies, which now have a three-year track record, prove it’s possible to pursue both wealth and well-being. In this webinar we discuss the progress made over the past three years in investment and impact. We also look at why the SDGs are good for business, and how Covid-19 has emphasized the relevance and importance of the SDGs.

At the end of the session, we will have covered:

  • The main talking points from three years of the Robeco SDG Credits fund

  • Why the goals make it possible to combine delivering attractive financial returns with making an impact

  • How the strategy can benefit from the investment opportunities in a post-Covid world

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