European banks sailing through the Covid-19 recession

European banks sailing through the Covid-19 recession

17-09-2020 | Webinar de producto
European banks were strong when the Covid-19 recession hit – although the pandemic is starting to take its toll on some. Governments want the banking system to continue lending to companies that are leveraging up as they try to resurrect lost business. Bondholders are protected as capital buffers are still increasing, although the same applies to credit losses as loan books deteriorate.
  • Jan Willem de Moor
    Jan Willem
    de Moor
    Senior Portfolio Manager Credit
Jan Willem de Moor, Portfolio Manager of the Robeco Financial Institutions Bonds fund, explains how this affects the European banks’ credit instruments. There are differing pockets of value, meaning it’s important to know where to look. He describes the outlook for the next 12 months, and gives an overview of how the fund is navigating the Covid-19 crisis.
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