Global consumer trends: defying the worldwide turmoil

Global consumer trends: defying the worldwide turmoil

19-05-2020 | Webinar de producto
The Covid-19 crisis has battered most sections of the equity market as lockdowns cause an unprecedented drop in demand for consumer goods. Long-term trends should, however, be relatively immune from sudden market swings because by definition a trend can defy existential shocks. Indeed, some trends such as contactless payments and home entertainment have even benefited from the pandemic.
  • Carl Ghielen
    Client Portfolio Manager
  • Richard  Speetjens
    Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Manager Richard Speetjens and Client Portfolio Manager Carl Ghielen provide an update on the Robeco Global Consumer Trends strategy. They discuss the effect of the coronavirus crisis on payments, streaming, luxury goods and healthy lifestyles, and give some insight into the latest key trends the team is focused on.