What is the best approach to factor investing?

What is the best approach to factor investing?

03-09-2013 | Visión

Factor investing is gaining ground. In a special whitepaper “an introduction to factor investing” Robeco explains what it is and how to set up your investment portfolios accordingly.

  • Joop  Huij
    Head of Indices

Factor investing is a new, alternative way of strategically allocating to the most attractive segments (factor premiums) of the market. In the case of equity investors, this could be, for instance, the low-volatility segment, the value segment or the momentum segment.

Furthermore, the whitepaper explains the specific use of academic insights in constructing investment portfolios. The strategy fits into Robeco’s approach to evidence-based investing.

A report commissioned by the Norwegian petroleum fund explicitly recommended factor investing. The researchers advised the fund to construct its investment portfolio in such a way that it is allocated towards factor premiums.

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