Available Projects

Available Projects

Currently we don’t have any projects available. Our internships typically take six months, preferably fulltime from March to September. If you are interested in a three to six month off season internship, contact us for available positions and send an email to

For more information about the internships see Frequently Asked Questions.

Profile: You have strong social and problem-solving skills: you will consult with different parties, and are capable to translate their input into suitable solutions. You have preferably a quantitative-economic background, but also excellent students in e.g. (Financial) Economics with a quantitative interest are welcome to apply. In our day-to-day work it is at least as important to be able to explain the economic intuition as it is to compute the necessary results. Creative and analytical skills are essential to successfully complete the project. Furthermore, you communicate well, you are open to change and responsive to feedback. We strive to maintain the diversity in personalities and backgrounds that exists in our department; for this reason your complementarity to the existing team is an important consideration in our selection process.

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