Five reasons to do a Quant internship
Quant internship

Five reasons to do a Quant internship

Looking for an internship opportunity but don’t know what internship to go for? These are the five reasons why you should apply for a Super Quant internship at Robeco Investment Research.

1. Experienced supervisors

Robeco Investment Research has academic DNA which supports our scientific approach to investing. It is also a fitting environment in which to write your master’s thesis. The research projects we offer are suitable thesis subjects and during your internship you will receive valuable input from experienced supervisors, many of whom have completed a PhD or CFA.

2. Fantastic working environment

Super Quants past and present and the full time employees of Robeco Investment Research department describe the environment as warm, enthusiastic and fun. The team’s members are eager to help if you have questions or problems. We are an international group and a growing department with many young professionals. Social activities like drinks, department trips, bowling and karaoke nights are also an important part of the Super Quant program.

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3. Offers an insider’s look into Robeco and the investment industry

You don’t do an internship just to get coffee for the team or to sit at your desk for 40 hours a week – you can do that at the university library. Your work as an intern in the Investment Research department is real and relevant. Super Quant research projects are often used in practice to improve the way we invest the money of our clients. During the internship you will meet the people who use your research, such as portfolio managers. You will visit various departments and meet key people throughout the Robeco organization. You will get to know Robeco and learn about the investment industry.

4. Job opportunities

Are you a real high flyer? If so, we have various talent programs available for you that can help you develop and increase your knowledge. If you are a young talented employee, and your work proves this, then we have a program available to you that we offer jointly with the Rotterdam School of Management. For the more experienced talented employees, we have the Robeco Network and Talent Programs for specialists and managers available. These focus on exchanging knowledge, sharing vision and achieving personal development.

5. Remuneration

Robeco offers a market conform internship salary and an allowance to facilitate relocation to Rotterdam for students currently not residing in the Netherlands. On top of this you will receive a bonus linked to your graduation grade: the higher your grade, the bigger the bonus. The bonus varies between EUR 500 for a final grade 8, EUR 1250 for a 9 to as much as EUR 2500 for a 10. One precondition for this bonus incentive is that your graduation supervisor at Robeco is on the committee that determines the grade for your thesis.