2021 Super Quants

Ivan Tomaš

ivan-tomas.jpg Ivan Tomaš (Croatia) graduated cum laude from Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science program at Tilburg University. He obtained an 8.5 for his master thesis titled “Innovation factor: How does market price innovations?”. After his graduation, Ivan joined as a portfolio manager in Robeco’s Multi Asset Solutions team. We wish Ivan all the best in his future career at Robeco!

Betty Bonnet

tobias-hoogteijling.jpgBetty Bonnet (France) graduated from the Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing (MSc) program of the Erasmus University. She obtained a grade of 7.5 for her master thesis investigating sustainability criteria in government bond markets, which was supervised by Casper Zomerdijk and Johan Duyvesteyn. Betty will continue her career as Consultant Data & Analytics at Ernst and Young, we wish her all the best!

Super Quants
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Jieun Yang

jieun-yang.jpgJieun Yang (South-Korea) achieved a 8.2 for her master thesis on factor investing in emerging local currency bonds, which was supervised by Martin Martens.

Right after her thesis, Jieun joined Robeco at Sustainable Multi Asset Solutions. We wish Jieun all the best in her future career at Robeco!

Bas Walpot

bas-walpot.jpgBas Walpot (Netherlands) graduated from Econometrics and Management Science at Erasmus University. He obtained a grade of 8.6 for his master thesis on Corporate Bond Factor Investing in the Energy Market. Bas will start his professional career at McKinsey, we wish him all the best!

Maximilian Heil

maximilian-heil.jpgMaximilian Heil (Germany) graduated from the Master in Finance (M.Sc.) program from the Nova School of Business and Economics. He obtained a grade of 9 for his master thesis investigating the Drivers of Corporate Bond Factors, which was supervised by Joris Blonk and Thibault Lair from Robeco. We are extremely proud to welcome Maximilian in the Quantitative Fixed Income Research department of Robeco. We wish Max all the best in his future career at Robeco!

Bud Schiphorst

bud-schiphorst.jpgBud Schiphorst (Netherlands) graduated from a double master’s degree in Mathematics and Econometrics from the University of Amsterdam. He obtained a grade of 8.5 for his thesis on ‘probabilistic modelling of transaction cost’, supervised by Martin van der Schans and Wouter Tilgenkamp. We wish his him all the best in his future career, where he will combine a job at Rabobank with a part-time PhD track.

Sian Tee

sian-tee.jpgSian Tee (Netherlands) graduated from Quantitative Finance at Erasmus University. He obtained a grade of 8.5 for his thesis on ‘factor investing in emerging market corporate bonds’, supervised by Frederik Muskens and Johan Duyvesteyn. Sian continues his career as Compliance Model Validator at Rabobank, we wish him all the best in his future career!

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