Robeco Foundation

Rotterdam Digital Skills Program

The Rotterdam Digital Skills Program offers support to primary and secondary schools in Rotterdam for activities that can improve the digital skills of financially disadvantaged kids. By doing this, Robeco can contribute to ensuring that these children have access to equal opportunities. The program supports two UN Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 4 focused on ‘Quality education’; and SDG 10 on ‘Reduced inequalities’.


Digital skills

An important topic for schools is ‘21st century skills’. This means equipping children with the skills needed to prepare for a society constantly changing through technology and digitalization. We are increasingly becoming an inter-connected knowledge and networked society. The 21st century skills are a set of 11 competences, including information gathering, computer technology, and social networks, that now have such an influence over all our lives.

Targeting primary and secondary schools

The Rotterdam program targets local schools that require extra help in achieving this objective. Any school-based initiatives that are linked to this digitalization theme are in principle eligible for funding. This may include financial support for acquiring hardware such as iPads or laptops necessary for digital education. Alternatively, funding can be provided for software for educational programs, online courses or general internet/intranet development. In addition to financial support, Robeco also encourages its employees to get actively involved in supporting activities such as giving guest lectures or facilitating company visits.

If you wish to apply for funding within this project, then visit the application details on the

Application criteria and procedure page (in Dutch).