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Robeco BP Global Premium Equities

Robeco BP Global Premium Equities

The Robeco BP Global Premium Equities Fund is a highly flexible portfolio that can tap into the best companies anywhere in the world. The highlights of the fund are:

  • 100% bottom-up stock selection
  • A proven ‘three-circles’ approach
  • The fund is unconstrained and can invest anywhere
  • Consistently outperformed over the past 5 years
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Same strategy

Robeco Boston Partners maintains the same approach across its range, applying the three-circle philosophy to all its funds. These principles are applied consistently to four funds: Premium Global Equities, US Premium Equities, US Large Cap Equities and US Select Opportunities Equities (which mainly targets midcap companies).
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Robeco Boston Partners, company profile

Robeco Boston Partners, company profile

Global Premium Equities is one of four funds that Robeco Boston Partners manages in Europe. The other three funds are US Premium Equities, US Large Cap Equities, and US Select Opportunities Equities. Mark Donovan, current Co-CEO, describes the company's philosophy.

Fund manager: Chris Hart

Chris Hart, who has managed Robeco Boston Partners Global Premium Equities since July 2008, has 22 years experience in asset management, research and finance.

Company profile
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Outlook 2019: Turbulence ahead
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Beware of positive surprises
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