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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

01-06-2017 | News

Robeco has launched a new website to better target client needs and make investing information more accessible to mobile platforms.

  • Graham Elliot
    Managing Director

The new site went live on 1 June after months of work in making it as user-friendly as possible, while retaining the authority and style of Robeco’s award-winning content.

It forms part of a wider trend for asset managers to make greater use of digital technology, particularly to reach the smartphone generation, and better embrace the phenomenal rise of social media platforms.

And it builds on years of progress for the existing websites, which have rapidly increased their readership and scope since they were last remodeled three years ago – now attracting well over 1,000 visits a day.

Robeco currently runs a Middle East website and numerous local variants, in English and local languages. Many clients use it as their primary source of keeping up with what Robeco is doing and thinking.

The websites host a wealth of information and thought leadership, from news insights giving our experts’ views on subjects from President Trump, to more complex white papers and other research pieces. They also host information on the company’s strategies and products.

Stay informed on our latest insights with monthly mail updates
Stay informed on our latest insights with monthly mail updates

Social media

Much of the website content is accessed from links on Robeco’s social media platforms. As the number of followers has grown to more than 150,000, placing Robeco eighth (and the fastest riser) in global social media rankings in a survey last year, better presentation of the linked content has become essential.

“In an increasingly digitalized and connected world, clients expect to find information quickly and efficiently, and the new website will serve as a hub for that,” says Graham Elliot, Head of Asia Pacific & Middle East Distribution.

“The new website has been built around three pillars: to build trust as a thought leader; to allow easy access of product information, and to support digital transformation.”

Visual presentation

One of the enhancements to the new website is a strongly increased visual presentation of information. Another improvement is to link news insights directly to the related strategies or products.

The next step will be to rebuild the currently popular product selector, Elliot says. “There are also plans to build in more personalization so that readers can see what they need more quickly.”

“But some things won’t change; we still believe that content is vital in the relationship with our stakeholders, and readers can continue to expect the high standards of information, analysis and investment news that has been Robeco’s hallmark for many years now.”

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