Learning and development

Learning and development

Robeco wants to achieve its full potential, and can only do that with employees who are empowered to fulfill their own full potential. In this way, we work together to obtain the best possible investment results for our clients. Developing our people – on an ongoing basis – is one of the key drivers for this.

Learning & Development

Robeco Learning & Development actively promotes the development of Robeco’s employees with professional advice and offering several development activities. We aim to inspire and guide them so that they can perform to their best of their ability and make a valuable long-term contribution to our business strategy. To facilitate this, Robeco Learning & Development runs a self-service learning portal, Robeco Learning World. Here, employees can find and register for a diversity of training ideas, coaching, e-learning, eBooks and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).


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Career development

As a leading global asset manager, we aim to produce the experts of tomorrow, and that means we do not believe in pre-planned career development. At Robeco you will be largely responsible for determining your own career path and, together with your manager, you will be empowered to discuss how to develop your next steps. That could mean taking on new responsibilities, or even following a new path. We have a high number of people taking the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification regardless of their background. It’s all down to you!


We expect you to quickly learn to work independently. Experienced colleagues and your supervisor will be there, of course, to answer your questions and provide coaching. You will be encouraged to give of your best, assisted by internal or external coaches, who will coach you in individual sessions or on the job.

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