Learning and development

Robeco's objective is to create an environment where employees feel fully motivated in their work and where they feel a degree of freedom and responsibility which enables them to excel in their role. This also gives employees the space for development and personal growth in a dynamic and professional corporate culture. This is what Robeco offers its current and future employees. Robeco expects employees to be committed to their work and get the best out of themselves.

Development at Robeco

Robeco considers it important to inform new employees about the structure of the organization. New employees are invited to participate in the Robeco introduction program. In addition, internal workshops such as the Basic Investing course and Meet the Client are organized throughout the year. Robeco offers a range of internal courses, but you can of course also attend training courses or education programs provided by external organizations. 

Robeco believes that learning is more than attending a training course. Learning is mainly an on-the-job process in conjunction with your colleagues, manager, a coach and mentor etc. This is why we organize knowledge-sharing sessions focusing on learning, knowledge-sharing and commitment. We also invest in Talent Development, Management Development and Leadership Development.


Robeco FIRST
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The Netherlands

Starting out as a specialist

It goes without saying that we wish to give people the chance to develop further while they work. However, we do not believe in pre-planned career development. At Robeco, you will be largely responsible for determining your own career path. We supply the tools, but you will have to use them. Training and supervision mainly takes place 'on the job' at Robeco. You will start out as a specialist and will quickly be given more responsibility.


We expect you to quickly learn to work independently. Experienced colleagues and your supervisor will be there, of course, to answer your questions and provide coaching. You will be encouraged to give of your best, assisted by internal or external coaches, who will coach you in individual sessions or on the job.