The Essentials of SDGs

The Essentials of SDGs

Educational module for investment professionals

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Continuous education is an important part of any professional investor’s career, particularly as times change so rapidly. Investing is changing fast, as seen with the rapid adoption of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This has put some financial professionals at a disadvantage in being able to explain the concept to clients and prospects. This module bridges that gap.

Those participating in this course are invited to digest the information and then take the test at the end. To enhance the learning experience, the module is delivered using clear language, charts, videos and case studies. Each of the six chapters takes up to 15 minutes to read.

A score of at least 10 out of 12 correct answers (80%) for the test will count up to one and a half hours towards your professional CPD requirements. The educational module is already accredited by CII, CISI, FPA and lBF with more to follow.

CFA Institute allows its members the ability to self-determine and self-report professional learning credits earned from external sources. CFA Institute members are encouraged to self-document such credits in their online PL tracker.

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