04-22-2021 · Webinar

How climate change and Covid-19 changed the stewardship landscape

The stewardship landscape evolved rapidly in 2020. Climate change took center stage as the most significant systemic ESG risk, while the defining feature of the year – the Covid-19 pandemic – reminded investors of the importance of the ‘S’ in ESG. These and other trends have influenced Robeco’s activities, all of which were addressed in our annual Stewardship Report.


  • Victor Verberk

    CIO Fixed Income and Sustainability

  • Carola van Lamoen

    Head of Sustainable Investing

  • Peter van der Werf

    Head of Engagement

In our latest webinar, Head of Sustainable Investing Carola van Lamoen and Engagement Team Lead Peter van der Werf will reflect on last year’s events and discuss their priorities for 2021. Engagement Specialists Cristina Cedillo, Laura Bosch Ferreté and Michiel van Esch will talk about Robeco’s engagement and voting highlights in 2020, while Portfolio Manager Daniela da Costa-Bulthuis will explain the impact of voting and engagement activities on investment decisions.

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