Robeco Biodiversity Equities

An investment opportunity is staring you in the face

Protecting biodiversity has become as urgent as tackling climate change. Investors can play a role by investing in companies that can benefit from the transition to a nature positive world. See our new brochure, ‘Five things you need to know about biodiversity investing’, to find out more.

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Focus on biodiversity opportunities

Don’t mistake biodiversity investing with climate investing. We adopt a distinct proprietary thematic biodiversity impact investment approach.


Generating alpha

The beauty of impact investing is that it generates long-term financial returns as well as making a difference on the ground.


Using engagement

Robeco has long believed in using engagement to effect change at investee companies.


It’s all about directing capital to the right places. This is where investors’ money goes to directly protect biodiversity. Leave your details here and download the brochure.

Five things you need to know about biodiversity investing


Why one small spider is so significant for biodiversity

The jumping spider shows how one tiny creature embodies the bigger picture of the need to protect wildlife.

It is found around the world and has several remarkable characteristics. The spider has eight eyes for 360-degree vision, and as its name suggests, it can jump 20 times its own body length.

But by far its best quality is that its main diet is mosquitos. Jumping spiders lower the populations of these pests, working against not just annoying bites, but the spread of malaria.

Yet their populations are declining, due mainly to habitat loss. This shows how the decline of the unsung heroes of biodiversity can affect the quality of life of the very humans who are threatening their existence.

Robeco launches biodiversity paper and teams up with WWF-NL

Robeco has published a positioning paper to address biodiversity loss in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands. The paper forms the blueprint for investing for our new Biodiversity Equities fund.

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