Robeco ONE breaks through EUR 1 billion barrier

Rotterdam, 16 January 2018 – Robeco ONE has grown strongly over the last year, and partly because of this has now broken through the EUR 1 billion barrier in assets under management. The all-in-one investment proposition for private investors has grown to around 31,000 clients since its introduction in 2012.

Robeco is seeing more and more Dutch citizens turning to investing, and the interest from young investors is also growing. In 2012, 20% of Robeco ONE clients were younger than 45 years, while this percentage is now around 50%. The underlying aim of introducing Robeco ONE in 2012 to make investing accessible and approachable for everyone has been a success. A few months ago, Robeco ONE also celebrated its fifth anniversary. The three variants of Robeco ONE (defensive, neutral and offensive) give investors access to all of Robeco's know-how, fund managers and advanced investment strategies.

Robeco ONE is managed by Robeco’s Investment Solutions team, responsible for successful fundamental multi-asset solutions. Since its start, Robeco ONE has generated healthy returns for its clients, with an average since the start of 4.7% for defensive, 6.2% for neutral and 7.8% for offensive*.

Monique van Wensem, head of Retail Marketing & Sales: “Reaching this milestone was never a goal on and of itself, but it does show that many people are taking the step towards investing. We have thus reduced the threshold to investing and made it more accessible. You may invest from just EUR 50 with us and open an account in just a few minutes. And the fund managers take care of the rest. They publish a periodic report stating what they do with the portfolios and why. I'm very proud that we have managed to generate such strong returns for those people who choose us, and hope that it encourages others who do not yet invest to think about their own choices, if they've never really thought about it. After all, not investing is also a choice.”

In addition to Robeco ONE, Robeco also offers private investors Robeco PLUS (choose your own funds), Robeco LIFE (assets for later) and Robeco KIDS (investing for your children).

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