Peter van der Werf, Senior Engagement Specialist comments:
Robeco evaluates the ESG performance of 150 countries globally, including Indonesia as part of our investment allocation decisions, both for sovereign debt and for equity/credits. How Indonesia deals with deforestation and climate change is not only relevant from a global perspective, but also a financially material topic for us. In order to make well-informed investment decisions, we also follow important regulatory developments in major markets. While we recognize the necessity for reform of business law in Indonesia we have concerns about the negative impact of certain environmental protection measures affected by the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation. Collectively with a group of global investors we aim to commence a constructive dialogue with the Indonesian government, to make sure that the new legislation delivers the business reform but at the same time continues to protect natural resources in Indonesia.

The full letter can be downloaded here

Open letter to the Indonesian government on the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation

A group of 36 investors, including Robeco, representing approximately USD $4.1 trillion in AUM, wrote a letter to the Indonesian government, to express its concern over the proposed deregulation of environmental protections in the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation.