25-05-2021 · Insight

The Big Book of Climate Investing

Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity, and is now the single-most important issue for investors. Global warming presents both risks and opportunities, as investment capital can have a huge influence on the means of combating it, from renewables to decarbonization. The biggest hurdle is perhaps in not knowing what to do, or where to look.

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To better inform investors and the wider public about the investing implications of global warming, Robeco launched a climate hub to cover all its major aspects. In five sections, we focused on the Urgency of facing climate change, the Challenges that it presents, the Responsibility we have to tackle it, the Opportunities it also brings, and the Solutions that are available.

All this has now been collated in one publication – our new ‘Big Book of Climate Investing: from urgency to solutions’. It contains all the stories, graphics, commentary and charts on this vital issue, in an easy-to-read PDF format. Download your copy now!

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