Sustainable Investing Open Access Initiative

Welcome to our Sustainable Investing Open Access Initiative, where we open our Sustainable Investing Intellectual Property to promote and encourage research and ideas. On this platform we share our SDG Framework and Country Sustainability Ranking (CSR). The SDG framework offers free insight into individual SDG scores for corporate issuers. The CSR tool turns in-depth analysis across a range of ESG data into a single country sustainability score.


Supporters of the initiative


The SDG framework is used for many of Robeco’s client portfolios. These include some of the world’s biggest asset owners like UBS Global Wealth Management, BBVA AM, Standard Chartered Bank and pensioenfonds ING, who are all keen supporters of Robeco’s SI Open Access initiative.

“We support the launch of Robeco’s Sustainable Investing Open Access Initiative. We share a common belief and understanding that we should be heading towards a more sustainable world. Good quality data, which is transparent and consistent , is important to us in our investment decisions. We believe that the decision of Robeco to create an open access platform shows forward thinking and leadership in sustainable investment.” Stichting Pensioenfonds ING