04-03-2021 · Webinar sul prodotto

Introducing our new pioneering fixed income climate strategies

Climate change has risen to the top of investors’ agenda, but until now, very few investment strategies were exclusively focused on this important arena. Robeco set out to fill the gap in December 2020 when it launched the world’s first global fixed income strategy that is fully compliant with the EU benchmark regulation for investments aligned with the Paris Agreement.


  • Victor Verberk

    Vice Responsabile degli Investimenti

Guido Moret, Head of Sustainability Integration for Fixed Income, and Victor Verberk, CIO for Fixed Income and Sustainability, explain the rationale behind our two new climate-focused strategies. RobecoSAM Climate Global Credits buys the bonds of companies with climate profiles that contribute to the Paris Agreement, while RobecoSAM Climate Global Bonds has a wider brief that also includes sovereigns.

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