Blokland’s daily sketch

Blokland’s daily sketch

23-10-2020 | Daily sketch

Is the US dollar bear market upon us?

  • Jeroen Blokland
    Portfolio Manager

The US will record massive budget deficits this year and next. Today’s chart shows that, while being far from a perfect relationship, the US Dollar Index tends to drop when the US budget deficit rises. With the trade deficit also up to the highest level since 2006 and flushing the world with dollars, this could create the right conditions for a new long-term bear market in the US dollar. The question is, however, if this will start any time soon. This would require a shift in demand for US dollars, due to, for example, a more sustainable global economic recovery and ongoing loose financial conditions. Issues surrounding US debt sustainability could in theory also be a reason. But I think this is unlikely, especially now that the yields on US Treasuries are becoming more attractive relative to other safe havens. Hence, the conditions for a weaker US dollar are in place, but we need a catalyst to start the process of adjustment.

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