Complaints policy

1.1 Objective

Objective of this policy is to set rules for uniform, proper and verifiable handling of client complaints.

1.2 Scope

The Customer Complaints Policy applies to Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V., including its subsidiaries, branches and representative offices (‘Robeco’ ). For the provision of services to retail clients this policy is implemented in the retail complaint procedure.

1.3 Definitions

An expression of dissatisfaction submitted by a client about a service and/or product provided by Robeco in which Robeco is accused of having acted in conflict with the contract and/or laws and regulations that was submitted in writing or has led to Sr management involvement and was therefore entered into the Robeco Complaint registration system.

The Compliance department of RIAM.

Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.

1.4 Rules for complaints handling

  1. If you have a Complaint, please contact your local client manager within Robeco.
  2. Every Complaint of a Robeco client will be reported to the head of the responsible sales team.1
  3. Within two weeks after receipt of the Complaint, Client Services sends a confirmation of the receipt of the Complaint to the client.
  4. A Complaint will be handled within eight weeks of receipt unless this is not possible due to special circumstances. Meanwhile Client Services will keep the client informed.
  5. If the Complaint will be rejected partially or fully, the client will be informed that, if applicable, he or she may submit the Complaint to a recognized dispute-settlement body or take the dispute to a civil court. The information to the client shall mention the relevant timelines used by the dispute settlement body.

1 In a branch, representative office complaints can be handled by different (named) departments.

Version October 2021