Christoph von Reiche, Global Head of Distribution & Marketing at Robeco: “As one of the original ESG natives, RobecoSAM became one of the most recognized names in this space, known for its pioneering and focused work on SI. Its expertise is part of every investment process at Robeco. Today, Robeco and RobecoSAM have become so interlinked that now is the right time to focus our efforts in SI even further and to present this skillset under one united brand. I strongly believe that this will improve market clarity and cement our position as a global leader in SI.

The RobecoSAM name will remain in place for the impact product range, consisting of sustainable thematic strategies as well as equity and fixed income impact strategies. This product range is designed to make a measurable environmental or societal impact and contribute to the SDGs. Furthermore, the RobecoSAM name will continue to be used for the proprietary RobecoSAM Smart ESG Scores, RobecoSAM SDG Scores, RobecoSAM Country ESG Scores, RobecoSAM Gender Scores, and the RobecoSAM Environmental Footprint Tool Scores.

There will be no change to business activities in Zurich which include Portfolio Management and SI Research, however these will run under a new legal entity name: Robeco Switzerland Ltd.

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Robeco announces brand strategy changes for RobecoSAM

Rotterdam, 2 November 2020 – Robeco is further enhancing its Sustainable Investing (SI) proposition by integrating the “RobecoSAM” brand into the Robeco brand strategy. As a result, “RobecoSAM” will no longer be used as a corporate brand, but will serve as a Robeco ingredient brand. Applying RobecoSAM in this way, reflects how Robeco utilizes RobecoSAM SI expertise in every investment process and underlines, that SI is at the core of everything it does. In addition, the RobecoSAM name will continue to be used to designate the impact product range.