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Robeco third party logo usage

Robeco is the owner of the Robeco brand and its trademarks, registered and applied for in several jurisdictions globally. Robeco has the exclusive right to the use of these trademarks. Any third party usage of our name or trademarks is prohibited, unless Robeco has granted temporary usage. To obtain permission the following applies:

a. Third party logo usage requests to be sent to (Robeco Global Branding).
b. Third party usage is only allowed after written permission by Robeco Global Branding.
c. User needs to adhere to the Branding guidelines as laid out by Robeco Global Branding. The Robeco Studio can offer assistance. Basic logo usage guidelines are:

  • The Robeco logo is always used in conjunction with our business descriptor “The Investment Engineers”.

  • We only use the full colour Robeco logo with the turquoise stripe on a white background.

  • On a full colour background we use the plain white logo

  • d. Before each publication and item to be produced, the user will present the material in which the Robeco logo is used, including:

  • an explanation on how the material is going to be used

  • In case of cross media and/or marketing campaigns additional information is requested:
    o short target audience description
    o a media plan

e. Approval will be arranged via the Global Branding team of Robeco Marketing within 2 working days.
f. The process above only applies to Robeco logo usage for BtB marketing purposes. Use of other Robeco corporate identity elements (fonts, color scheme, form templates, wireframe imagery, etc.) is prohibited.
g. Any approval for logo usage can be revoked at any time at the discretion of Robeco.

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