09-02-2024 · Insight

Robeco launches the Essentials of Biodiversity Investing

Biodiversity is a relatively new area of sustainable investing that is gaining traction, particularly as it’s directly connected to climate change. But how much do you know about it? Could you explain the opportunities that lie in this abundant arena, along with the regulations thar are promoting it, and how it works in real life?


  • Lucian Peppelenbos - Climate & Biodiversity Strategist

    Lucian Peppelenbos

    Climate & Biodiversity Strategist

Robeco is proud to launch the latest in its ‘Essentials’ series of educational modules that explains the entire subject in nine easy-to-read chapters. The modules are accredited by leading local and global training agencies and offer readers up to two hours towards Continual Professional Development (CPD).

It’s an investment topic that is becoming mainstream, and it’s easy to see why. Biodiversity is not just about life on Earth, from plants and animals, to sea life and us humans. Almost half the world’s economic output worth around USD 44 trillion depends on nature, along with much of the assets that Robeco invests in.

And yet plant life and animal species are disappearing so fast that scientists believe we are now in the middle of the sixth great extinction. That will make many things we take for granted such as food sources and natural materials impossible in the future. Preserving biodiversity is an issue of saving our economy as well as preserving nature.

Our online educational module

The Essentials of Biodiversity Investing explains why biodiversity is relevant to investors, the regulations and collaborations promoting it, the challenges it faces, and some case studies, with a test at the end for CPD.

It is the fifth module in a series that has so far educated thousands of financial professionals, following on from the Essentials of Sustainable Investing; the Essentials of SDG Investing; the Essentials of Climate Investing; and the Essentials of Factor Investing.

Knowledge is a precious thing, particularly if you want to progress as a sustainable investing practitioner.

So, boost your knowledge on biodiversity investing, and follow our latest Essentials course.