Two new funds: Global Credits & Emerging Credits

Two new funds: Global Credits & Emerging Credits

09-06-2014 | Nachrichtenmeldung

Today Robeco proudly launched two new credit funds: Robeco Global Credits and Robeco Emerging Credits.

  • Victor  Verberk
    Deputy Head of Investments, Robeco
  • Reinout Schapers
    Director Emerging & Global Credit
  • Total return approach, high degree of flexibility 
  • Continuation of existing strategies with proven track records 
  • Analysts with sector specialization cover full rating spectrum

Expanding our credit product range

Both funds will apply a total return strategy giving greater flexibility to invest into other asset classes. This will give a diversified exposure to the global credit markets.
Building on the strong and well proven credit capabilities, the launch of these funds is a logical extension of our current range. Robeco Global Credits as well as Robeco Emerging Credits are a continuation of existing strategies with proven track records.

Erhalten Sie regelmäßig die Robeco e-News
Erhalten Sie regelmäßig die Robeco e-News

Robeco Global Credits

Robeco Global credits will be managed based on a total return approach. This means that the benchmark is used for reference purposes only. The core of the global strategy will be investment grade credit with the possibility to deviate from the benchmark into high yield and/or emerging credits.
The strategy and research coverage has been successfully executed by the same portfolio manager for years for the global credit exposure in our global fixed income asset allocation portfolio. The Global Credits fund therefore has a strong track record starting January 2011.

Robeco Emerging Credits

Robeco Emerging Credits will also be based on a total return approach. It will invest in global corporate bonds (investment grade and high yield) of companies domiciled in emerging countries or companies for which a predominant part of their activities are based in these countries. The fund is a continuation of the credit segment of our Robeco Emerging Debt fund. The emerging credits portfolio has an outstanding near three year track record.

Robeco Credit team

Given the global character of the funds as well as the possibility to deviate from the benchmark and migrate between the different credit asset classes, the funds will be managed based on a close cooperation within the highly successful credit team.


The analysts in the credit team are fully integrated in terms of research, as they cover issuers all across the rating spectrum (e.g. from investment grade to high yield and emerging markets) and are clustered around sector specializations.



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