11-03-2021 · Webinar

All you need to know about the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan

The EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan is set to change the landscape for investing across the European Union, including a new regulatory regime for funds. It’s the biggest game-changer since MiFID II, and like all new regulatory environments, it is wide-ranging and confusing in equal measure. Investors must act now to ensure they understand and can adopt the new requirements.

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  • Kenneth Robertson

    Client Portfolio Manager - Sustainable Investing

In this webinar, Robeco’s sustainability experts share with you our views on and approach to fulfilling the regulations, as well as explain what we have done to meet the first deadline of 10 March. We also talk about how funds can be classified according to their sustainability levels, and how 25 years of experience in SI has equipped Robeco to make all the necessary changes .

At the end of the session you will understand:

  • Why the new regulations will improve the sustainability landscape across the EU

  • How funds will need to measure their adverse impacts on wider society

  • The opportunities this presents for genuine ESG funds and bespoke strategies

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