Blokland’s daily sketch

Blokland’s daily sketch


Are EMs picking up momentum?

  • Jeroen Blokland
    Portfolio Manager

Emerging market equities have performed relatively well in recent weeks, while market volatility has increased significantly. A sell-off in US technology stocks, negative GDP growth in Germany and Japan and the seemingly endless Brexit saga, have all contributed to the recent pressure on developed market equities. So is momentum picking up in EMs? While we have become more constructive on emerging markets it could still be a bit too soon to call the bottom. Differences in monetary policy between the US and the rest of the world mean upward pressure on the US dollar will continue for now, which means tighter liquidity for emerging markets. On top of that, any escalation of the China-US trade war is likely to hit emerging countries harder. However taking the GDP growth and valuation into account, things certainly look brighter now than 12 months ago.

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Ontdek de nieuwste inzichten

As a senior portfolio manager I use charts to illustrate financial issues every day. I tweet my favorites as @jsblokland and was named one of the ‘50 Twitter accounts for investors 2017’ by MarketWatch.
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